Viva Italiana Dining Set

Viva Italiana Owner And Friend Anthony HoViva Italian is a restaurant set up by my good friend Anthony Ho with his few business partners at Mosque Street in 2015.

Because we know each other for years, I decided to go there as one of his customers to try out his pasta, pizza, appetizers and desserts on the same day.

Something I don't usually do and may not do it again.

And his chefs – including an Italian waitress who served me – certainly did not disappoint.


Vita Italiana Minestrone Soup And Cranberry JuiceThe minestrone soup which I selected as my favourite is better than even the one served by Pastamania as it is served in a bigger bowl and comes with black beans and Italian nuts along with the usual vegetables and tomato soup.

The garlic bread comes with 2 sauces as in olive and dark version.

The seafood penna pasta is simply superb and so is the pizza.





Viva Italian Seafood Penne PastaI also enjoyed the strawberry dessert and cranberry juice.

I also got a free slice of his steak and chocolate chocolate mousse cake.

Even though I ended up spending $50, I have no regrets as I am doing this to support my friend and get a unique chance to try so many dishes in one go.

It is situated at Mosque Street within Chinatown and near to Chinatown MRT.



Viva Italiana Cheese Pepperoni Pizza










Viva Italiana Fruit Tart Dessert


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