Pastamania Marinara Fusili

Marinara FusiliThis is my all-time favorite Western and Italian dish. As well as one that I will gladly sacrifice other dishes for.

I first got to know Pastamania in the now defunct Food Picnic in Scotts Shopping Centre and started eating there regularly.

After it closed down, I have been moving around Singapore to various outlets at Bishan Junction 8, Funan Centre, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Junction, Bukit Batok West Mall and now finally settled at JEM Shopping mall in my hometown Jurong East.

What I like about this dish is first its sweet and spicy tomato sauce with a strong aromatic fragrance.

Marinara Fusili DishThe Italian fusili – which is another form of Italian noodles besides spaghetti – reminds me very much of macaroni.

Except that fusili are bigger and in more spiral-twisted forms.

I am also a big lover of seafood – especially clams, prawns and squid.

Complemented with garlic bread and minestrone soup with Fanta Graph as my drink choice, it makes an awesome lunch or dinner.

They used to have a delivery service which opens up to 3am in 2012-2014 but now that the latest time you can order to have it at home is by 10pm.

Though I have tried many other seafood pasta, none of them beats this one as in my eyes and taste, Pastamania Marinara Fusili is still the best.


Spicy Chicken FusiliBesides this, their spicy chicken fusili with shredded chicken, green peas and reallly hot spicy chilli are just as great even though you need to drink a lot of water and fruit juice to subdue your hot tongue while and after eating.


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