Kenny Rogers Roasters Quarter Chicken

Kenny Rogers Roasters Quarter ChickenKenny Rogers has been another restaurant I have been visiting since 1999 and my favorite dish is quarter chicken.

Initially I went to the outlet at Great World City while working for AIA as insurance agent.

After leaving the company to start my own business, I have wondered about to various outlets at Marina Square, Suntec City and Tampines

Along with the quarter chicken, I tend to choose corn nibblets, baked beans and mashed potato (not pictured here).

Along with Snapple Grape juice, it makes a complete, full and wholesome meal.


Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken SoupEven the appetizer chicken soup can be eaten as wholesome meal as it consists of not just chicken and soup but also carrots and macaroni served in big bowl. 

There are days when I have these as lunch and decided not to eat dinner or supper for the rest of the day!


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