Jurong East Central Braised Duck Noodles, Rice And Kuay Chap

Braised Duck Noodle, Rice And Kuay Chap

Like the Laksa stall, I could not remember the name of the braised duck noodle stall nor the coffeeshop it is situated in.

The duck rice is not so good but the duck noodles and kuay chap aka braised pork with organs, eggs and dried vegetables are simply superb.

With braised duck egg, peanuts, beancurd and duck organs, it makes a perfect delicious yet fattening lunch dish.

Along with Nasi Lemak and Subway sandwiches, braised duck noodles is my all-time favourite Thursday dish.

That stall is situated in one of the coffee shops near to NTUC Income supermarket and Cheers 24 hour convenience store. 

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