Jack’s Place Mixed Grill

Jack's Place Mixed GrillOne of my all-time favorite Western food.

Complemented with the air-conditioned and conducive carpeted floor and seatings, it makes a perfect dining place for families, friends, couples and even individuals.

What I like about Mixed Grill is that it has a whole variety of chicken, beef, mutton, pork in small slices, egg, baked potatoes and vegetables served on 1 hot plate.

In the past, they used to serve in hot grilling plates. Now it is just normal plate but the dish is still delicious.


Jack's Place EscargotsBesides the Mixed Grill main dish, I also its special Escargots, which are snails boiled and grilled with white pepper sauce and mixed with tomato fillings.

The appetizers comprising of garlic and Lobster Bisque soup are just as great and usually served before the main dish.

For drinks, you can have wine, cold and hot beverages.

I recommend fruit juice which they served in huge jug and 2 glasses. I also recommend iced water to cool yourself down while and after eating.


Jack's Place Garlic Bread And Lobster Bisque SoupThe ONLY dish I have yet to try is their trademark New Zealand Sirloin Steak which comes at $30-40 if you want it served with the side dishes and appetizers

If you are low on budget but still want to eat here, I recommend you come for lunch which is around 12-2pm.

Prices range from $9 to $20 depending on which weekday you come and what set they served. 

Like Hans, they also served Italian pizza, pasta and local delights plus salad. 


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