Hans Chicken Chop

Hans Chicken ChopIf I am on limited budget but still want Western food, Hans Chicken Chop is the one I usually go for.

At first glance, it seems like a simple dish. But to me, it is a complete wholesome meal as having chicken, carrots and French fries are enough for me.

Not to mention the garlic bread and mushroom soup as well when ordered in a set.

They used to include dessert usually water or winter melon in it but now you have to order separately ala carte.


Hans Garlic Bread And Soup Of The DayBesides Western food of steak, chicken, mutton and pork chops, they also served pizza, pasta, sandwiches and local delights like Char Kuay Teow, Beef Kuay Teow and Seafood Horfun.

They also got tea-break snacks like curry puffs, chicken pies and cakes assortment either in slices or a box if you are thinking of getting as birthday cake for your family member or friend.

Last time I used to go to Park Mall but now that outlet has closed, I am content to eat at my shopping mall JEM in Jurong East where I also stayed.


Hans Curry Puff


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