Fill-A-PitaFill-A-Pita is another fast and casual dining cafe serving great Middle-Eastern food in Singapore.

Situated at 3 Shenton Way, it closed in 10 September 2015 and will be opening their new outlet in another location soon.

However its difference as compared to the first two I just mentioned is that it served only vegetarian and halal food. As in sandwiches made from pita bread and filled with salad and dips.

There are also no eggs or unions in any of their servings.

Fill A Pita Special Chilli With Yoghurt DipExcept for the bread which is freshly baked and brought in from a local bakery, most of their ingredients are prepared onsite daily to ensure their freshness in quality.

Besides the standard lunch and dinner, it also serves breakfast which comprises of typical Egyptian street rice / macaroni and lentil dish with spicy red pepper sauce every Thursday and Friday.

Their unique twist on this dish is using brown rice to make it healthier.

Fill A Pita OwnersTheir falafel pita – served with tomato, lettuce and tahina sauce – remains their signature dish. Prepared in Lebanese / Israeli way using chickpeas.

Their chilli sauce and yoghurt garlic dip, to add to your falafel, are also very popular with diners

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