Deli Turk

Dell Turk PastaSet in the suburban streets among shophouses, this is unique restaurant with several artpieces decorating the walls for a complete Turkish atmosphere and culture.

Besides the settings, I also liked the menu with several photographs of what they served.

Their main attraction is Deli Turk’s signature kunefe priced at $14.90. It is regarded as their trademark dessert that appeals to most customers. Including me since I ordered and tasted it.

Other dishes include oven-baked shredded pasta sandwiching unsalted cheese, topped with pistachios and drizzled with syrup and cream.

Dell Turk KunefeStarters included:

1. Kibbeh

Priced at $6.90, it is a shell of crispy bulgur and semolina stuffed with fine-minced lamb and fried to a crisp golden-brown.

2. Shaka Shuka

At similar price, this eggplant salad is served with an olive oil and yoghurt dressing.

Due to budget contrasts, I have yet to try their charcoal-grilled lamb kebap and a perfectly light lamb moussaka.

Dell Turk MenuBut if I got the time to come down again, I might.


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