Alkaline Recipes

Alkaline RecipesThe Alkaline Gourmet Package contains 4 extensive digital recipe books.

They are full of tasty, balanced and easy-to-make dishes that will supercharge your alkalinity, leaving you fit and energized without breaking a sweat!

Do you find yourself at your wit’s end for wasting your money, time and health on diets and weight loss products that never seem to work?

Are you looking for a healthy, nutritious eating regime that will not only help you control your waistline, but also prevent diseases and boost your immune system?

Alkaline RecipesIf so, look no further!

With a full 14-day meal plan, dozens of recipes for everything from hearty salads to divine smoothies and even 3 bonus cookbooks.

If you order today, this culinary collection truly has it all and could be the last one you ever need!

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